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If you need professional investment management and financial planning services, we can help you build your portfolio to reach the goals that you seek.

Prepare for the journey

To plan your finances successfully, you have to understand what you intend to achieve, how you intend to achieve it and the time frame you have dedicated to achieving it. All these are vital for planning your financial future. At the same time, these are not easy to determine. It can be hard to identify these factors and to help to identify them has been our business.

Building your business

Immediately we will help you to establish your capital and income goals. We will then consider the the paths capable of reaching them. We will also consider issues that might arise and how to deal with them. From the combined effort of our expertise and experience, we can help you to maximize any opportunity and minimize any challenge your future financial plans might bring.

Keeping you informed

You will always be informed about the performance of your portfolio and the changes that need to be made. You will also get useful and updated valuations of the company. Your portfolio is available online whenever you need it through Nippon's online portal. We always Present you with useful ideas and advice that will boost your portfolio and knowledge of your investments.

An integrated approach

Our integrated wealth management service offers you the chance to benefit from our investment management expertise and financial planning model each time you use our wealth management service. You can enjoy the best from both worlds and a single team that works for one purpose.